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Background reports include:

* place of residence history
* all known phone numbers
* neighbors and relatives
* true name as well as known aliases
* criminal records
* divorce and marriage data
* property ownership data including purchase date and amount

If you're searching for other data, beyond a background search, use one of the navigation links above to search another data. Typical results from our databases include:

* Vital Records including Marriage, Divorce, Birth and Deaths
* Real Estate Records, Probate Records
* Convictions and Case Numbers for Police Records
* Incarceration Records
* Sentencing Records
* Sex Offenders Information
* Arrest Records (incl. Inmate Locator)
* Warrant History Records
* Criminal Corrections & Violations Records
* Unlisted Cellular & Home Phone Numbers
* DUI Driving records
* Background Check Records
* Skip Tracing, Parolee & Probation Files
* Town, City, and District Court Records
* and much more...


It's an unfortunate aspect of life that there are people out there intent on injuring others. Those are the people usually most intent on hiding who they really are from discovery.

No matter whether the crime is one of theft or of violence, or both, there are people in the world actively practicing those dangerous skills that you need to protect you and yours from.
Public records are one way to sort through persons of interest in your business and personal life. Court records will often reveal information that gets filtered out in more traditional information venues.

Oh MAN! Your social security search is amazing! I lost touch with my daughter after making a huge mistake a couple of years ago. Boy am I stubborn (and so is she)

After a quick search with her social i got back a name address and a phone number. My heart was beating so fast when i made the first call. It actually took me a few tries before I quit hanging up after one ring. I will not say our 1st conversation was all peaches and cream but it was a start.

Regina Steward, "Tarheel Country"-NC