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Background reports include:

* place of residence history
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* neighbors and relatives
* true name as well as known aliases
* criminal records
* divorce and marriage data
* property ownership data including purchase date and amount

If you're searching for other data, beyond a background search, use one of the navigation links above to search another data. Typical results from our databases include:

* Vital Records including Marriage, Divorce, Birth and Deaths
* Real Estate Records, Probate Records
* Convictions and Case Numbers for Police Records
* Incarceration Records
* Sentencing Records
* Sex Offenders Information
* Arrest Records (incl. Inmate Locator)
* Warrant History Records
* Criminal Corrections & Violations Records
* Unlisted Cellular & Home Phone Numbers
* DUI Driving records
* Background Check Records
* Skip Tracing, Parolee & Probation Files
* Town, City, and District Court Records
* and much more...


When the Social Security Administration was in the blueprint stages during the Roosevelt administration, one thing that became clear was that the new bureaucracy needed to keep records on those who no longer claimed benefits - the departed.

This condition was responsible for the creation of a separate tracking system which became known as the Social Security Death Index.
Much of the original motivation for building the index was to assist institutions that issued accounts... banks, brokerages and local governments.

The saying "even a monkey can do it" is something someone would say to me if they saw me using the world wide web. It is just that my generation is not keen on picking up new things. Back in my day you would have to stand in line at the city court to get information you needed.

At least "back in my day" people were nicer. I would still rather have an old fashioned face to face instead of using a computer but getting information while resting firmly on my fanny is not so bad.

Harold Rice, Queens - New York